There are many volunteer opportunities with The Happy Confident Future Foundation.  You can be sign up to be a volunteer or a mentor!

Mentor Process
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Volunteer Process
Sign up for any of the volunteer opportunities below.  You will receive an email to confirm your volunteer time and date! Volunteers must be 18+.  Please note that some volunteer opportunities that are gender specific.
(W=Women Only, W+M= Women and Men welcomed)
Thanks for choosing The Happy Confident Future Foundation to volunteer your time!

Are you an expert in Mental Health, Financial Management, Etiquette, or Girls Empowerment?  Do you represent a college, university or trade school?  Do you have experience in resume writing, interview skills or work readiness skills? Have something that would benefit Girls Destined For Greater or Success:YES! and you'd like to do a presentation?
Date: Please enter expertise in the text box and we will contact you to schedule!

Classroom Assistant
During Great Girl University, assist with classroom set up and break down, checking in and greeting students, pass out documents, serve food, run errands if needed. Classroom assistants are needed on Saturdays for our Great Girl University Class.
-Spring Classes: Saturday May 5th-June 23rd
Time: 11:30a.m -3pm.
-Number of  Volunteers Needed: 1-2 people per class.
-Sign up for as many classes as you'd like!

Weekend Wind Down 
Volunteers will help girls with fun activities! Baking cookies, playing games, having girl talk etc. Weekend Wind Down sessions are held on Saturdays.
-Dates: March 24, April 14th, July 14th, November 17th
-Time: 11:30 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.
-Number of Volunteers Needed: 2-3 per session
-Sign up for as many classes as you'd like!

Summer Camp Counselors
We are looking for women who are ready to have fun! Volunteers will be VERY involved with helping the students.  Counselors must be able to attend field trips, set up and break down classrooms, and assist mentors during class.
Dates: July 23rd- July 28th
Time: 9:00 am- 5:00 pm
*Please put dates and times you can volunteer in text box.

Comerica Park Concessions
Volunteers will help us work the concession stands at Comerica Park for the 2018 Baseball Season.
Training: May 8th 1o am-1pm, May 9th 6pm-9pm (SELECT ONE)
Number of Volunteers Needed: 10 or more per game
Tentative Game Days: 

May 13th 1:10pm          June 1st 7:10pm     July 20th 7:10pm    Aug 1st 1:10pm     Sept. 7th 7:10pm
May 25th 7:10pm         June 8th 7:10pm                                        Aug 11th 6:10pm   Sept. 9th 1:10pm
May 27th 1:10 pm        June 10th 1:10pm                                       Aug 15th 1:10 pm
June 27th 7:10pm


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