Girls Destined For Greater Mentoring Group

A mentoring program for ALL girls age 12-17! Our mission is to build Self Esteem, Dreams, Leadership and Character through mentorship, resources, hands on experiences and activities!



Self-Esteem is a major component of our program.  We teach our girls what it truly means to love themselves!  We want them to know that their worth is not determined by other people or material things but by the positive thoughts and love they give themselves.

We promote high self-esteem by teaching self loving behaviors such as positive speech, affirmations, and self care.


Leadership Skills

"When I was young, I  used to wish I would fit in...I'm glad I didn't get my wish." -Steve Maraboli

For teen girls, being a leader can be a difficult road to travel.  39% of girls have been discouraged or put down when trying to lead.

Our mentors encourage our teens to have the confidence they need to be a true leader.  We teach our girls that it's not about WHO is right but WHAT is right.  We encourage them to speak up and be the example to show true leadership and confidence. Our mentors teach our girls how to keep their heads held high while achieving their goals.


Character Building

"Good character is the single most important attribute of a successful and worthy life." -Michael Josephson

Our mentoring program features ways to help build strong character within our girls.  We teach Etiquette 101 as well as Self Control practices.  This will not only help our young ladies thrive in social and professional settings but within personal relationships as well.


Dreams & Goals

Our mentors are women of many different professional and personal backgrounds.  Collectively these women help our girls by guiding them to their dreams and goals.  They have a wealth of life and professional experiences to share with our teens.  We let them know that they can truly do ANYTHING they put their minds to.

The girls our our program learn financial planning and entrepreneurial skills from actual business owners.  Our teens even have the opportunity to land internships with our sponsors!


Our mission is clear...

Girls with a mentor have a 98% better chance of having increased self esteem than girls who do not have a mentor.

Our goal is to let each girl know that she has a reason to keep her head held high, stay motivated and live out her dreams! We let them know they are VERY special and they were made to shine! We believe that ALL girls are beautiful, intelligent and strong minded you ladies that will make a GREAT IMPACT on our society.  We see the GREAT potential for their futures and it is our mission to help them get to GREATER heights!

How Our Program Works

Girls Destined For Greater Mentoring Group is open to ALL girls age 12-17.

We impact and mentor our girls by hosting

  • Spring, Summer and Winter Mentoring Programs
  • Empowering Events & Workshops
  • Summer Camp
  • After School programs are coming soon!

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